I am an artist with an inside look at how my dreams have affected my real life in spiritual and practical ways. I am fascinated and a little obsessed with dream knowledge and brain science. I’ve done a thorough research of the field of brain science, as thorough as you can with such a wide range of studies, and have explored the possibilities. In the mix I get realizations and insights about the implications of what this new knowledge means.

Dreams are very important in compacting and extracting the meaningful events of our lives and putting them into context. Dreams are almost like code forming very small packages of emotionality and imagery that store our experiences, meanings, and truths into unconscious memory.

Knowledge is the basis of power. We have entered a new stage in our evolution where we are beginning to know how our brains work. Over the years I have developed a style of narrative art and graphics that I use to relay the insights and issues surrounding dreams and neural science.

Here’s a link to my art and media site.(stineart.com)