Broken wing

3/7/98 Dream ” Broken Wing”

I’m standing behind a young Indian brave on the top of a rounded peak. He is preaching to four or five of his companions who are paying attention, but kind of bewildered. He is voicing the teachings of his wise Father, as if they were his own. I can tell that he has not lived this knowledge and is over-doing it out of inexperience.
We turn to go down a very steep and difficult climb straight down. As we start to descend he slips and then falls and I watch him tumble down. I feel strangely calm and even a little relieved that now he won’t be misrepresenting the teachings, causing harm instead of good.
He falls down a second precipice and I’m alarmed. I find him at the bottom, and he is broken. I look at his arm where it meets the shoulder and it is exposed and the shattered bones are just hanging there. I see that his arm is like a birds wing, with pieces of purple flesh and sinew holding it to the skeleton.
We are in front of a cave now and he is lying on a mat like an Indian’s burial shroud. I attempt to adjust the arm back into the socket and it snaps right into place. I look on with amazement, and ask him how he is. He responds weakly with a spirit as broken as his wing, and a thick sense of pity hangs in the air. I have a moment where I am scared that he won’t make it.
Now a few hours have passed and I am stirring a pot with medicine brewing over a small fire, while he lays there barely conscious. I am there to watch over him and protect him while he recovers.