This site is meant to have lots of useful info about the new science of Dreams. It is also meant to have art and illustrations to help gain knowledge and skill that you can apply to your dreaming practice. I believe dreams lay the foundation for an awake mind to function. Without the chaotic, fantastic, unlimited experiences of our dreams we could not hold our everyday perceptions and attitudes together. Dreams allow us to experience any possibility that we can imagine, even possibilities that we can’t imagine and experience them in a safe way, which gives us a basis for moving forward in our lives, making choices and following paths that we have pre-experienced in dreams.

We are conscious while dreaming. It strikes me as very important to realize that in a way, what we experience while dreaming is just as real as our awake reality. The new science is making it very clear that we are already in a new era of being able to understand and make use of our dream experiences. In all of our human history we have never been at a place where we can actually begin to know what makes us tick.