Feb. 20 2007 helicopter

Febuary 20 2007

submarineI’m flying in a helicopter with a competent pilot, we set down on the Baleville road toward the embankment on the corner. Now there is a man who takes over and he is not confident and has trouble finding the controls. I help him by uncovering the main one and he turns it and we lift up and turn awkwardly toward the airport. A car comes up the road and he moves to the right to make room but comes dangerously close to the trees with the rotor blades. I look at him doubting that he can do this. I begin to offer to handle the navigation and air traffic control, but he ignores me.

next thing he crashes with the blade mechanism coming completely off and landing in the cow pasture. I’m standing on the road with some Sheriffs and a women sheriff who goes out into the field. The man argues with her and gets rough as he shifts the blame to her or draws her into is rage at himself. She comes away upset and the man turns back to inspect his mess. We just watch him in disbelief and sort of mocking him.
Note: the next day I canceled the meeting for the studio in san leandro.