small Russian device

In a car with a tall young man driving along a coast. I’m supposed to get out of the window to see something in the sky but I get suspicious and afraid and wont do it. The man is frustrated. When we get back to a house, Barbara is there in another room. I get fed up with the man and start to fight him placing a kick right at his chest but not striking him. Then he pulls out a small Russian design looking device and sets it down in the middle of the room saying that it will shatter ear drums when it goes off. I put my hands over my ears and tell Barbara in the next room to do the same. I plead with the smug looking man to not set it off.
Then we make an escape. I get to a car that looks like my BMW and scramble to get it started finding the keys right where I expected them. Barbara gets in as I back up and start to gain speed. Just as we start to pull out a man with a gun comes up and forces me to stop, we are caught and trapped here with these evil people.