stolen by Debbie & Father figure

My stuff gets stolen by Debbie and a father figure. (told this to Jonathan at Safeway late this same morning.)
there are two huge rooms in this plaza like place with stepped stairs and a back promenade.
Our belongings including all my things are being moved as Debbie makes her departure through the front stairs. I am saying something to her but she is already ignoring my warnings. Then I go out the back way with a man who seems to be in charge. When I come back my music gear has been placed into a pile and mixed with other musicians amps and drums. I start to complain but no-one is listening then I see my writings and bags being moved out too and I realize with horror that all my stuff will disappear.
I scramble around looks helplessly as the scene changes and more is going on than I can handle. Then the man says something like “there is your life and your mother”